Cut Monk Evil No Hear Back-flow Incense Burner

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Measurements: 8cm*10cm*6cm

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Nothing beats the relaxing effect of a soothing aroma after a long day, and our back-flow incense burners are made to create just that. It is just what you need when you need to meditate, relax, do yoga, or focus on a task. It is also a multifunctional aromatherapy device that can be used in the living room, study, bedroom, office, yoga room, or even in a hotel room. When lit, the smoke flows like a waterfall from the top to the storage tank below creating a beautiful spectacle you will love to watch.

Waterfall Incense Holder for Incense Cones, Great Aromatherapy Décor Piece for Home, Office, Bedroom, Living Room

Immerse yourself in a soothing and mesmerizing sensory experience with our backflow incense holder. They are great for purifying the air, and helping you relax and improve your sleep. You can use it with incense cones in your living room, bedroom, office, study,

MAKES BEAUTIFUL DÉCOR PIECE: This water flow incense burner does more than just hold your incense. It is a beautiful work of art that will add ideally to your home’s decoration. The dark colours will blend perfectly with any décor theme making it perfect for just about any space in your home.

GREAT GIFT FOR LOVED ONES: Our ceramic incense holder makes an extraordinary gift for him or her. It is just perfect for Father’s or Mother’s Day, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthday, and just about any other holiday or special occasion. No better way of letting them know you love and cherish them.

Here is why you will love our backflow incense burner:

  • Creates a spectacular smoke waterfall that’s beautiful to watch
  • Made with quality ceramic making it a lovely décor addition
  • Perfect for aromatherapy sessions, relaxing, and promoting better sleep
  • Can be used in the living room, bedroom, and all around the house

Enjoy a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere wherever you are.